Listening Room/Discography

This track is from my 1st solo CD--Open Field which is available on

09 Open Letter to Sammi '07.mp3

This track is from my 2nd solo effort--Poetry, Politics & Prose which is available on

In Due Time.MP3

As you can see I have kept myself busy through the years trying to bring a bit of poetry, good music, and thought provoking spoken word for people.  These 4 cd's chronicle about 10 years of my life. 

Writing, performing and recording have brought much joy to my life, and I thank all the people who have supported me in the past, and those who support me in the future. 

Please check out the rest of the site for other music, videos, and cd's....yes there are other cd's, now get ya mouse ready and get it, get it, get it!!!


This track is from one of the 1st recordings I did.  It was a collaborative effort from a group entitled A Group Called Karma. You have to contact me directly for this one

1 Writer's Block.mp3

This track is from my 3rd solo project--The
"E" CD.  It is currently unavailable on so contact me directly if you like it.

26 Me and Brown.mp3

 EVacuate-- the last studio project that I completed. Its also the last cd that will be sold. I still need to find a way to make available digitally.  If you like what you hear, contact me and I'll sell u the double cd.

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