Bras's Blog

I have decided to add a link here instead of doing a blog directly on the site.  The reason for this is that I have been doing a blog for a while on a site, so why re-invent the wheel.  The blog will have written poetry, some videos, and other things that will give you a better picture of me.  However, I am unable to access this blog any longer, but there is still good poetry on it.  I have a new blog, just below which I can access and will, so that one is also available.  So with all that said, the link is just below the picture--ENJOY!!

This is the brand new blog, 402's Doodle With My Poodle.  It will have poetry (of course), some life updates, and doodles!! Yes I said doodles, so go ahead and click the picture to the right to get started reading and looking at some of the strange happenings. 

You Tube Vids

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