New Releases!!

This is the latest project that I have completed.  I went back to the style of working with my main dude Conscious, and put some music together.  This cd is entitled Imperfection II, and free, Free, FREE!!  I did all the production except for a few tracks.  So click the picture, listen to the tracks, download and enjoy!!

Well here it is folks--The New CD entitled "EVacuate"!!  I have decided that this cd will no longer be given away....I told you, freeness does not always last!!

This cd chronicles Nabraska's life from 2006-2010.  It deals with his love-life, home-life, his city, and all other facets that you have grown to love from this poet.  There is also a great surprise on this one, so be on the lookout as you listen to the last half of the cd.  This cd will only be available for digital download.  Information coming soon.

This is the imperfection cd.  It's a cd I created completely myself--from the poetry to the music, it's all done by my hand.  It's not the best produced cd, but it is ENJOYABLE. 

This recording is also the one that features the hilarious character "Conscience".  So take a ride poetically with laughter and trip out on being



Downloadable CHAPBOOKS (cheap)

 This is the second e-chapbook of poetry from well known poet Clarence "nabraska" Barbee. It is a collection of poetry, essays, and short stories written over the last several months. He is hoping that you will enjoy it. ONLY $4.99

This is a chap book of poetry from Clarence Barbee, aka nabraska. He is a spoken word artist who has been performing poetry for over 10 years. Clarence has decided to publish these group of poems as his first work, and dedicate it to the free minds that sometimes get trapped. It is with great hope that you support this work and enjoy it thoroughly.  ONLY $2.99
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